Christmas Spirit in the Tech Era

To wherever you may be in this beautiful and precious splendor of a world I would 1st like to wish you a Merry Christmas. It is truly a blessing to be able to spend it with those we all love and care for. The cool thing is that with advances in Technology and the pioneers of the Tech Industry that push the limits of the imagination we also now have the ability to share moments with those who may not be near. Mobile Applications such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram give us the ability to capture special moments and share them with the world instantaneously in real time. Imagine if Skype would have been available 100 years ago…. Think about the ability that we have now to communicate so quickly with people across the globe. Would it have been possible that these technological advances could have averted wars and saved lives or could they have really??? At times I feel that although our ability to communicate with each other has improved peoples effectiveness in communication has severely declined. We have taken for granted the ability to simply hug someone and tell them we love them face to face. Technology in all it’s splendor must be harnessed responsibly and we must not forget to put at the forefront that the human element of our existence is more important than anything. I challenge each of you as we indulge in our new Tech Toys and Smart Phones that have replaced Tinsel and Sugar Plums to unplug from the matrix for a little while and grab your loved ones, gather by the fire with some Hot Cocoa and just listen… Do you hear it??? I can hear Santa now in the distance bellowing “Merry Christmas to All.. and to All a Good Night.”

-Will H. Garner