Cyber Holidays

It’s that time of year again…. “It’s the MOST Wonderful Time of the Year…..” That’s right Holiday season and by now the majority of Americans are recovering from an “OVER-stuffing” of Stuffing and Turkey by either doing one of 2 things Working it off in the gym or Walking it off in the Retail Stores taking advantage of the “Black” & “Cyber” Sales that the retail industry has conditioned us to look forward to year after year. I can only pray that I don’t see the viral videos of mass mayhem spurned on by the longing of Retail bliss. Well for me my fellow friends this type of Debauchery does not apply…. I loathe retail stores… Don’t get me wrong I love getting a good deal but I despise the fact that shopping has become an Olympic Sport. There are a few things I can of course appreciate such as Barn Burner sales by the Airlines such as SouthWest Airlines and of course whatever Tech Toys I can get my hands on. I do realize it is all in fun and games and if someone can save a buck to make their kids dreams come true on Christmas Day then I definitely applaud them for stepping onto the retail battlefield and making it happen. As for me I decided to spend my holiday experimenting with some new additions to my already perfect Gumbo, writing a few lines of code of course, watching football and throwing some football with my boys and my nephew. There is definitely a love / hate relationship I have with the holidays but it isn’t anything a nice glass of Makers can’t solve at the end of a rough Holiday!

Cheers & avoid the malls!!! 🙂

-Will H. Garner