‘Goonies Never Say Die’

What can I say except that this Christmas ended with me truly feeling like a kid again. Everything about Christmas played out in typical fashion. My kids going ape $h!t crazy over all the new toys we littered the base of the tree with. I got some socks and some cool A&M gear. Christmas dinner with the family which turned out excellent, and by the end of the night I felt exhausted. But something Magical truly happened.. well at least it felt magical to me. I told my boys let’s get ready for bed and they did the typical kid thing. “No daddy… can we play..” then it turned into “can we stay up and watch a movie.” That’s what Mr. Ty does to me but usually I don’t give in and reiterate to him that it is truly bedtime. But on this day something inside said “FOR WHAT!!!” It’s Christmas let em ride! For the life of me I don’t know why I suggested we watch the goonies, there are only 2 & 5 so I didn’t expect them to hang with me on it too long and besides I hadn’t seen that movie since I was a kid. The cool thing is with my Apple TV I was able to find it quickly and rent it. It got even better from there, I went to the garage and broke out some tents and we went to work right in the living room camping out. Popcorn, Camping and the Goonies on Christmas night. This is my definition of the new Turn Up for Dear Ole’ Dad! LOL. But seriously these boys hung in there and watched the whole movie and by the end of the night asking me a dozen questions about One-Eyed Willie. LOL. Very Cool. Happy Holidays and enjoy the image I captured from our Christmas Camping Night!

image: Shot with an iPhone 6plus
edited in: Photoshop
edits: ripple effect with lighting adjustments and of course a few other things