I told ‘Don’ AZAM don’t worry I would get there

At some point in life everyone must have a mentor / Tutor / Master /Sensai or whatever you want to call it, basically how Luke Skywalker had Yoda and he taught Luke the principles of the Force. Mohammad Azam or ‘Don’ Azam as the Fall 2016 cohort otherwise known as the ‘Mobile MAFIA’ has bestowed the title upon Mr. Azam has been to me when it comes to coding and becoming proficient in Swift and Objective-C. When it comes to programming you cannot find someone who is more methodical, insightful and patient as ‘Don’ Azam.. Yes he is a ‘Made Man’ so don’t mess with the ‘Don’. 🙂 In all seriousness at one point during this Boot Camp that I voluntarily enlisted in to sharpen my programming skills I thought I might call it quits, but something deep inside pushed me to be persistent and strive for me. I believe it was the inner strength and the Quiet Force of Azam that gave me confidence to forge forth through this program. When it comes to programming Azam is as astute as the most devious Hackers and most visionary Hackers the world has to offer but when it comes to having the ability to TEACH and instill core principles about coding and having the patience to be able understand that every student will arrive but at a different point in time takes a level of perspective and patience that the majority of people walking around planet earth frankly will Never understand. Hell most people don’t even have patience with their own kids much less trying to inspire and teach a group of Nerds how to take over the world of programming. I respect the ‘Don’ for it and I appreciate everything he has done for this so called Real Estate guru that thought he knew everything until he was completely brought down to earth and taught how to ‘Fly and Soar’ with a different set of wings! Thank You ‘Don’ Azam! You are the Man!!!

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