I’ve been on the Road!

Yes!! I’ve been on the road in a sense for the past few months, more like a Mental Highway working on a new project that I am so so so excited that we are near releasing this new App Project. It is a Real Estate App and that’s about as deep as I’m going now in terms of the details but I do want to let you know that it has been an exciting journey and I feel like my life has come Full Circle literally and I feel a sense accomplishment, happiness and a true feeling of meaningfulness in terms of understanding my destiny. Literally making a Career Shift in terms of making a beeline for the Tech Industry and going back to school and learning how to code in Swift to actually putting out a Real Estate project has been a very interesting and insightful journey. It’s funny because I initially began programming at 15 years old in High School at the Forest Brook Magnet School for Engineering where I had a very passionate, motivating and inspiring mentor in Mr. Austin Hayward who initially introduced me to C++. If not for Mr. Hayward there is a 90% chance I would have never made the decision to go to Texas A&M as well. I didn’t know much about A&M growing up but he introduced me to engineering and was one of the beacons of light in my life that helped instill the belief that ‘Willie Garner is capable of anything

as he would say.

Yes indeed.

I got Real Estate from my dad.. I remember saturday’s spent with my pops at the local Century 21 office while he did floor time or riding to rental homes helping him gut sheetrock. I got my work ethic and grit from my Dad. My brother and I both grew up watching him seem like he was strong enough for anything. Even as an adult and him as an older man I fee like he has the strength to throw a 300 pounds on his shoulder like it’s no big deal, although I know that is not the case now his strength and resilience resides in me. Now I stand at this moment in life where all of these positives in life come from full circle. It’s amazing and I hope to be able to be the same type of motivating force for my children and other young men that I may mentor throughout my life.

Thank You Lord for the blessings!

-Will “Sporty” Garner