The Collision Conference Experience

I’m the type of person that simply asks questions and I have to experience things for myself, It is an understatement when I say I truly believe in the experience. How else do you really grow without doing things for yourself sometimes it’s best just to get in there and see what you’re made out of. Well I found myself in this situation when I saw an online ad about a Tech Conference called Collision that totally piqued my interest. At this time I was in the midst of crafting our business structure for our new social gifting app TÖSTLIFE and midway through production. As I explored more about Collision I found out that this conference is totally aimed at startups in the Tech Industry, the whole concept is to merge VCs and Angel Investors with the brightest and most forward thinking minds in the tech industry. What better place to showcase and promote our new business venture. My Chief Marketing officer for the TÖSTLIFE (Vince Milson) as well as the Chief Operating Officer (Nick Garner) were both skeptical at 1st with just reason… The conference itself started off at over $11k just to exhibit and keep in mind we are a start up company. I still found myself intrigued and decided to apply because if you ask anyone who knows me once I get a wild hair about something I make a bee line for it. Ultimately I applied and the powers that be at Collision loved our app idea and selected us as a featured Alpha Start-Up Company!!! Awesome right. We bootstrapped cash for the event, loaded up with a ton of marketing supplies, with the whole TÖSTLIFE Team and set off to New Orleans, LA determined to secure financing from a potential investor.

What we experienced was far greater than we could have imagined… Wall to Wall startups. Alpha Companies, Beta Companies… Innovation and Excitement filled the air everyday with the mixture of the sights, culture and culinary exploits of New Orleans made for a melting pot of creativity and excitement. We had the opportunity to showcase our idea and although we initially had skepticism if we were even ready for this magnitude we quickly realized that we were more than ready we just had to take that leap of faith as we did. One of the most exciting things to me was experiencing Augmented Reality for the 1st time and of course receiving such high praise and raving reviews about TÖSTLIFE. You can only imagine the extreme level of appreciation I felt for going through the process of taking an idea and getting to that point of actually being ready to release our product. I told myself at the end of the conference the true reward was definitely the experience and everything that came with it. I totally encourage any innovators, app developers and entrepreneurs who may ever have doubts about doing something Big Hairy and Audacious to seriously take that leap of faith. You have nothing to lose.


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