The Decision: Taking my talents from Real Estate Guru to Coding

If you would have told me in 2007 that one day I would be back to writing lines of computer code and enjoying it I probably would have given you a signature smile said something charming while in the back of my mind been thinking are you crazy do you know how much money I’m making developing Real Estate. Fast Forward through a recession, Going to grad School to get an M.B.A. and 2 kids, I found myself in a position where thinking that Real Estate is great and all plus I’ve accomplished some very cool things, but I wanted to challenge myself more. I begin to feel that the industry in terms of being a Real Estate broker had begun to get too watered down. The barriers of entry for someone to become a Realtor had become to low and the value of being a Broker had diminished tremendously with the slew of 100% commission agencies popping up quicker than Orville Redenbacher. This never deterred my competitiveness if anything it stirred it more, I said to myself how can I turn industries such as Real Estate and Insurance upside down and topsy turvy and become a true innovator and disrupter? Get back to my roots of course! Thanks to one of my original mentors and teachers at the Forest Brook Magnet School for Engineering in Houston, TX Mr. Austin Hayward I learned Pascal & C++ all through High School starting at 14. I said to myself “you know what Sporty you actually created the first website for your High School in 1997”. Crazy how life brings you full circle… isn’t it a true blessing? I guess my true point about this particular post is that No Matter how old you are or where you are in life it is never ever too late to try something new or in my case rekindle a love that was lost.

-Sporty G.