The FLPPD Project

Flipping the script in more ways than one is the total intention with my final project that I completed before graduating and become a certified software engineer. I began writing code back in 1996 while in High School under the tutelage of Mr. Austin Hayward learning Pascal, C++ and HTML. As we all know my career has taken me down a pathway to a career in Real Estate that over the years I have been able to find modest success which is why I totally decided to name this particular app FLPPD. Well don’t get me wrong FLPPD totally represents the real estate investing industry and I believe will be a very valuable tool for aspiring Real Estate Investors who want to ensure they are making the right choice when they are flipping properties. This project is truly the culmination of my body of work and I am excited to be bringing this app to the market very soon. I don’t want to go into too many details as to the intricacies of the app in this particular post but you will be able to download it directly from our FLPPD App landing page at and take it for a test drive. I developed FLPPD in swift and used some objective-C as well. In addition to that I built the database utilizing Google’s Firebase. This was an exciting project that I think even the savviest of Real Estate Investors will truly be able to appreciate.