Who said I can’t Camp like a champion

Sunday we are here. I woke up this morning at the crack of dawn feeling whipped like a Rented Mule. 4:27AM I looked at my phone and thought to myself I’m on the home stretch. This night it wasn’t the wilderness that bothered me it was the freezing cold I had submersed myself in that entire night all for the love of my son Ty. 30 degrees in the middle of Huntsville state park with the sounds of Raccoon feet scurrying outside my tent because I know some food was left out by someone in our campsite sounds hilarious now but when you’re in the midst of it. It’s no laughing matter.

Well the camping was not all that bad during the day on Saturday. My boys Ty and Kash had the opportunity to take it all in from Racing Pinewood Space Derby’s (Where we got 2nd place… How you like them apples!!!), fishing, paintball fun and we even saw an Alligator perched right under the dock where we were fishing, so don’t get in the water at Huntsville state park! I don’t think my boys sat still for a moment and ultimately the experience was worth the few hours of freezing cold although you couldn’t tell me or Kim that at the time for sure. The funny thing about it was by the morning time I saw at least 3 other couples roll out of their cars at 6am instead of rolling out of their tents which went to show how cold it was.

Ty had the opportunity to receive some new badges and advance to a Bobcat from a Tiger Cub Scout which was capped off by a cool ceremony that I’m sure made him believe in the sacredness of the boy scout creed. The cool thing was that during the ceremony the Den Leader harped on values and what it meant to become a boy scout and what they should take back to their everyday lives as students and our kids. I can’t lie I felt a bit of nostalgic sentiment throughout the day and I knew that this would be something both of my boys would remember for the rest of their lives and truly appreciate. I can’t promise a camping trip anytime soon but I am definitely up for the task again when it arises.

Totally different experience than the normal swanky hotel lobbies and room service but all in all great time spent with my tribe!